Maximo Asset Management – CMMS

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Use IBM Maximo Asset Management to maximize the performance and economic value of your complex equipment and to align these closely with your overall business strategy.

Improve the return on your assets and enjoy these benefits:

  • Decrease costs and risk
  • Enhance productivity
  • Improve asset-related decision making.
  • Easier compliance with regulations
  • Lower total cost of ownership

IBM Maximo Asset Management solutions offer a single point of control for all kinds of asset: production, infrastructure, plant, transport and communication – managing them from a central platform.

You can now optimize the performance of your assets and your return on investment with the Maximo CMMS.

DSDSystem provides many modules and tools for the Maximo CMMS, including services, training and maintenance on Maximo.


Maximo CMMS:  functionality

Maximo Asset Management CMMS includes six management modules in an improved, service-oriented architecture.

Managing your assets. The level of control you need to ensure the effective monitoring, tracking and management of your assets throughout their lifecycle.

  • Works management.  With Maximo, you can manage both planned and unplanned activities from initial request through to completion and record actual values of readings.
  • Service management.  Define your service offerings and set standards for service level agreements.  Monitor service levels more proactively and put processes in place for escalation.
  • Contract management. Manageall contractual aspects of maintenance: purchase, lease, rental, warranty, labor rate and software as well as master, blanket contracts and user-defined contracts.
  • Stock management.  Receive detailed information about asset-related stock and its usage, in real-time from the Maximo CMMS.
  • Supply management.  All stages of procurement are managed at enterprise level, including direct purchases and stock replenishment.

DSDSystem's expertise

Since 2003, DSDSYSTEM accompanies companies from all sectors in their CMMS and QHSE software deployment project. With over 200 customer references and projects followed for up to over a decade, the company is able to help you, wether you are a small local business or a worldwide group.

DSDSYSTEM is your partner of choice in all yout CMMS and QHSE software deployment projects, from the design of your IT systems, to the staff training and long-term accompaniment.

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